About Me

    My journey started in the kitchen and bath industry working in the production plant for a mid-size cabinet shop.  After working in numerous positions throughout the production plant including assembly, sawyer, spray finishing, shipping and eventually becoming the assistant foreman of the production plant, I felt that I was due for a change in direction. A very close friend of mine heard that I was looking for a change and reached out to me asking me to stop by a local granite shop and have a chat with the owner.  A few days later after mulling over the idea of getting involved in the granite and quartz industry, I decided to stop in and have a chat with the owner with no intention of working there.  Before the end of the meeting, my journey into the world of stone was set.  

    I've been in the stone industry since late 2008 learning from the ground up; through hands-on training and personal development the ins and outs of the industry.  After having developed an extensive background in installation, onsite fabrication and customer service it was time for me to step out of my comfort zone and into the world of sales.  Now I work with a variety of clients including primary homeowners, contractors, designers, kitchen and bath companies, commercial developers and other industry leaders and professionals.  With a mixed background of both residential and commercial, I've developed a broad knowledge base in which to draw on to best serve my client's needs.